Sex tourism is actually a thing from the past. The oldest record of prostitution in human history was of 2400 BCE in Sumeria. And today, more and more countries have become open to this form of industry. Besides, state regulation means fewer chances of STDs or paying for trafficked sex workers.

Here, we’ll bring you four must-visit destinations for sex tourism.


sex tourismThe red light district in Amsterdam is surely not a new thing to hear. And the regulation of the business there can be dated back to 1810. Therefore, you need to worry less about safety there. Besides, wearing protection is mandatory.

If the idea of picking a woman to have sex with from brothels is not comfortable to you, there is still another option. You can hire escorts and expect their intimate companionship. What can be more intriguing for pleasure seekers than to spend some nights with women from Northwestern Europe?


From the northern part of Europe, now we’ll bring you to the southern region, Spain. This country is known for its party cities: Madrid, Ibiza, and Barcelona. Night clubs are packed there. However, you need to hold your horses when it comes to sex because Spaniards do not find it comfortable to hook up with a total stranger. Therefore, you’d be better to go straight to Gran Via street.


a nude womanIf you’ve got the Asian fetish, Thailand must be on your list. First, if you bring Dollars or Euros, you will definitely spend your time as a rich man there. The clubs are plenty, the beers are cheap, and women are flocking to look for clients.

Moreover, if you’ve been to some adult forums, you should know that Thai women are very open to unconventional sex. In fact, the ladyboys there are the prettiest, compared to other places. Bring some challenges into your bed by inviting them to join you.


Kabukichō in Shinjuku is where you want to go for sex tourism in Japan. But one thing to note here is that you may have some difficulties if you are looking for real intercourse. Fellatio, tit-job, leg fetish, voyeurism, nude cosplay, and any other forms of sexual entertainment are open for business there, but not vaginal penetration.

Although this fact may seem weird to you, you know what the phrase says, “When in Rome, do things as the Romans do.” Therefore, when you’re in Japan and looking for sex, enjoy what’s legally available there.

Four Must-Visit Destinations for Sex Tourism Enthusiasts