Have you ever cheated on your spouse? What drove you into doing it? Well, according to statistics, 22% of men have at once cheated on their significant other. The number could be bigger. Also, women are less likely to cheat compared to men. This is according to General Social Surveys (GSS). Now, why do people have an affair? Of course, everyone has their reasons. Here, let’s look at some of the reasons why people have an affair. Stay tuned.


1. Long Distance Relationships

They ever wondered how people in long-distance relationships cope? This is usually a difficult situation which greatly tests someone’s faithfulness. Sexual urges don’t care whether your partner is in another continent or not. They’ll surely show up uninvited. This can send someone sleeping with anyone else close and available at that time.


2. Loneliness

There are times when you and your spouse go through a rough path. Such are the times when loneliness kicks in. You could be living together under one roof. However, your hearts and minds are miles away. If by bad luck, a third party comes in and tends to show love and affection to one person, they get carried away. Many people have affairs during their relationships’ difficult times. A short separation can also send one or both partners having an affair.


3. Bad Sex

Sex is very important. As a woman, what will you do if your guy can’t rise to the occasion? What if no kind of medication has helped him? What if he can rise but doesn’t take you to cloud nine? This is a common reason for people to cheat. Bad sex can be disastrous. Mood swings, irritability, tiredness, and getting bored easily are some of the effects of unsatisfying sex. In case a woman finds another man who can give her multiple orgasms, this is when an affair kicks in. A man can also cheat with a different woman who can do all his favorite things in the bedroom.


affair4. Lacking Feelings for Your Partner

Relationships have ups and downs. There are times when you can’t even look at your partner twice. Worse still, you can’t get turned on however sexy they dress or look. Usually, sexual starvation kicks in, and one or both partners may consider looking for alternative sex. According to research, 38% of people have cheated for lacking feelings with their current partners.


5. Habitual Cheating

Did you know that some people cheat to satisfy their inner passion? Well, some people develop a cheating habit because of their experience. They don’t feel guilty about it and even aim at sleeping with as many people as they can. They somehow feel important when they do this. Hypersexuality is the most common cause of habitual cheating. Mostly, people with a history of sexual abuse suffer from this disorder.


6. Lack of Communication

Communication can save a lot in a relationship. There are times when misunderstandings creep in, and everything becomes messy. If partners don’t sit on a round table and discuss their differences, one or both partners usually end up having an affair.



There are many more reasons for people deciding to have affairs. Counseling therapy and medical attention can solve some of the problems that couples experience. This may help reduce the number of cheating spouses and save some relationships.