Have you ever cheated on your spouse? What drove you into doing it? Well, according to statistics, 22% of men have at once cheated on their significant other. The number could be bigger. Also, women are less likely to cheat compared to men. This is according to General Social Surveys (GSS). Now, why do people have an affair? Of course, everyone has their reasons. Here, let’s look at some of the reasons why people have an affair. Stay tuned.


1. Long Distance Relationships

They ever wondered how people in long-distance relationships cope? This is usually a difficult situation which greatly tests someone’s faithfulness. Sexual urges don’t care whether your partner is in another continent or not. They’ll surely show up uninvited. This can send someone sleeping with anyone else close and available at that time.


2. Loneliness

There are times when you and your spouse go through a rough path. Such are the times when loneliness kicks in. You could be living together under one roof. However, …

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