Prostitution refers to the act of engaging in sexual activities for the exchange of payment. A person who works in such activities is referred to as a prostitute or a sex worker. Different names define these people in different places. The prostitution can be done in various locations depending on the area where the prostitutes prefer. Many choose to stay in the streets, especially during the night and other during the day. Prostitution is regulated in some countries by specific laws while in some other countries remains unregulated. There are several reasons why people may indulge in these activities. Some do it for the sake of earning a living, while others do it for their reasons. After the sex worker offers the required services, the prostitutes are given the payment. Therefore in this article, we are going to look at the various types of prostitution to understand What is prostitution? Some of the types of prostitution include:


1. Escort Girls

Escort girls are prostitution that involves independent girls who market themselves in different online. The escort girls mostly offer their prostitution services in big hotels and private buildings. They post their pictures on the various advertising website, and once they get a client, they chat and agree on the amount of money per service. The escort girls charge a very high amount for sexual activity since they are self-employed.


2. Brothel Employees

Brothels are places where people go to pay for sex. These places are run by an agency which decides the price for the prostitution activities depending on the girl you choose. The prices in the brothels are relatively low as compared to the amount that the escort girls charge. In brothels, there are also some more services such as massage parlous and saunas. Therefore brothels offer another type of prostitution.


sex 3. TheĀ Escort Agency Employee

Here is a kind of prostitution that is controlled by an agency. That means the prostitutes pay some amount of money to the agency. The funds received by the agency is for offering them a sex room, foods and much more. Here the agency also advises the prostitutes in their websites. Once the client wants prostitutes from a particular agency, the agency contacts the client. Also, the sex worker is selected by the agency. They choose the most attractive who can easily attract customers.


4. Window Worker

That is another type of prostitution that mostly found in several places. Here the sex workers are displayed on the window to entice the passers-by to enter their rooms. The rooms in this type of prostitution are connected to kitchen and bathroom. Hereafter the sex worker has gotten a client, they go straight to the sexual activities, and after the work, and they get back to the windows to look for more passerby to entice.


5. Streetwalker Prostitution

This type of prostitution, the sex workers stand in the street. They are more likely exploited. That is the most dangerous type of prostitution because very many street workers have been killed. They are poorly paid, and sometimes they get beaten, and the payment is denied. The last type of prostitution is the casino or bar workers, in this type of prostitution, the sex workers meet with the guys and agree on their terms, and after that, they choose their preferred place for sex. The guy caters for the expenses of the sex worker for the period they will be together. Therefore the above discussed are the types of prostitution which can help you to understand ” What is prostitution ?” more easily.

Prostitution Meaning and Different Types
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